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heating services

Here at ABI, we offer repair, maintenance, and installation. 90% of all furnace and condenser breakdowns are the result of little or no maintenance. To prevent furure costly repairs; have one of our certified technicians give your unit a progress report which is recommended annually. These progress reports include our thorough 20 point checklist

• Clean furnace
• Clean pilot
• Adjust pilot
• Check thermocouple
• Clean burners
• Adjust burners
• Check belts
• Check amperage draw
• Check filters
• Check safety devices
• Check limit controls
• Check heat exchanger
• Check blower motor and wheel
• Check gas valve operation
• Check for gas leaks
• Check humidifier
• Check electrical connections
• Check and oil motors
• Check thermostat
• Calibrate thermostat
• Check hot water heater

We also install

• Humidifiers
• Uv lights
• Electronic Air Cleaners
• Thermostats (analog) (digital)


  Ask about our maintenance agreement!

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